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Working for the Safe Future of Pet Services in British Columbia


During their life together, pets and their caretakers may have to rely on pet care services like grooming, pet boarding, dog daycare, and walking for a variety of reasons.

But did you know that pet sitting services are not regulated in British Columbia?

This can leave pet sitters on their own, not knowing who to trust and whether the pet care professional they choose has the skills to provide caring, high-quality care for their pets.

In response to the lack of regulation and with input from animal welfare experts and pet service business operators, the BC SPCA created the AnimalKind Pet Care Service Standards Project. .

Now is the time for pet sitters to share their experiences. Pet care service staff and operators can also provide input into the project and help shape a secure future for the industry.

Building on the success of the AnimalKind Dog Training Standards, the Pet Service Standards will help pet sitters identify businesses that:

    • Use only humane, reward-based animal handling and care methods
    • Working tirelessly to provide high quality dog ​​grooming, daycare and walking and boarding services
    • Are committed to good wellness practices

“It’s critical to give pet sitters and industry stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the development process,” says Nicole Fenwick, Manager, Research and Standards for the BC SPCA. “We want to hear from pet sitters to learn more about their experiences. businesses can do better, and pets in BC only receive humane care when in the hands of pet care service providers.

Equally important is the contribution of the pet services industry. Fenwick says, “We do this together because listening to pet care service staff and operators about their best practices, experiences and areas for improvement informs standards and helps make animal welfare a priority for pet services in British Columbia.

It’s an amazing opportunity for the community to come together and make their voices heard.

By sharing your experiences, you are helping to shape the pet services industry to a level where safe, caring care is the norm.

Yes, I want my voice to be heard!

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