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Winsted’s Laurel Parade joined by Rotary Pet Parade for Memorial Day

Photo by Emily M. Olson

WINSTED — The annual Memorial Day Parade was also a preview of the upcoming Laurel Festival in Winsted, with King and Queen candidates driving through town in decorated cars. The event also welcomed pets and their families, after the Rotary Animal Parade was canceled on May 21 due to the heat.

Winsted also wrapped up his 250th birthday celebration, which began last spring, by taking part in this year’s march on Main Street, which began at 11:30 a.m.

After descending Lake Street to Main Street/Route 44, the parade ended at Park Place, followed by a closing ceremony at East End Park.

The Laurel Festival begins Saturday with the Laurel Ball in East End Park and a day of family fun on Sunday.

Tickets for this year’s Laurel Ball are available and can be purchased by emailing Melissa Bird at [email protected]

The Laurel Festival dates back to 1934 with the coronation of Gladys Weaving in a ceremony held in the central school auditorium. The competition was suspended between 1941 and 1949 due to World War II. The community of Winchester generally celebrates with its abundant mountain laurel, the native state flower of Connecticut.

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