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West Hollywood’s Best Pet Services

West Hollywood is best known for its restaurants and bars, but did you know there are a lot more dogs here than children? The city has its fair share of dog parks, boarding places, dog groomers and walkers, pet supply stores, and of course, pet hospitals. Here is the Best Of WEHO 2020 in several pet related categories including Animal Hospital, Dog Grooming, Pet Shop, and Dog Boarding as chosen by you WEHOville readers.

If you’re on the go, look for the Best Of West Hollywood 2020 sticker to see what other local businesses have won the award this year. Find out who readers chose as the best restaurants in West Hollywood.

Best pet store

Winner – Healthy Place

8525, boulevard Santa Monica – (310) 657-2400

Healthy Spot has it all, including pet food, grooming, obedience training, child care, portraits and more.

Finalists – Tailwaggers, Petco

Best pet hospital

Winner – VCA TLC Animal Hospital

8725, boulevard Santa Monica – (310) 859-4852

TLC is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They take pride in not only taking care of pets, but their owners as well.

Finalists – West Hollywood Animal Hospital, Laurel Pet Hospital

Best grooming for pets and dogs

Winner – Dogue Spa

8278, boulevard Santa Monica – (424) 303-2027

Dogue Spa is an upscale dog grooming salon specializing in Japanese and creative hairstyles. They provide a unique experience for each puppy.

Finalists – Healthy Spot, RockStar Rover, Post Pet Care

Best pension for pets and dogs

Winner – Healthy Place

8525, boulevard Santa Monica – (310) 657-2400

Healthy Spot wins its second category. As you walk down Santa Monica Boulevard, it’s hard not to look around the store and smile at all the playing dogs.

Finalists – Posh Pet Care, CityDog! club

Best dog walker

Winner – Chuck Keenum

Finalists – Virgina Gillick, Gary McCormick, Sonia Just, Susan Isaacs, John Keitel

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