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The wonderful things about Tiggers: send us your pet stories

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio – Mr. Tigger is our beautiful 15 year old Bengal cat. He loves his new home in our business in North Ridgeville.

We adopted him at the APL de l’Amitié in May 2014 after the death of our other cat, Mme Tigrou. We wanted another cat to love us and keep us company. It helps us calm down when things get crazy at work.

He had been dropped off at the PLA by a family who apparently didn’t want him after eight years. He had been at the shelter for about three months and was simply giving up. He was so sad; he no longer wanted to eat, play or socialize and did not understand why he was there.

After looking for a new cat for a while, we found him at the shelter. After spending time with him there we noticed he was drooling a lot and we wondered why. Her master said it was because her anxiety level was so high due to her situation.

She told us it would improve with a suitable environment for him. She was right – within two weeks the drool stopped.

He’s so affectionate and playful for his age, plus he’s a great mouser! He greets everyone who enters the office and waits for a reward for doing his job! He is so happy in his new home forever.

We couldn’t have asked for a better cat. Older cats can sometimes be better than younger ones. We just love it in pieces.

Please consider our beautiful older pets before you have a kitten or puppy.

Rick and Penni Mergel,

North of Olmsted

Do you share your life with an animal that is near and dear to you? Tell us about your pet – all species are welcome – and send us a photo of you two. Be sure to tell us which community in Greater Cleveland you live in. Send it all to Ann Norman at [email protected].

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