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St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center has fall specials to help pets find loving homes


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Dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and activity levels are now available at the St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center, located at 4850 Mid Rivers Mall Drive in St. Peters. To encourage adoptions and help find loving homes for shelter pets, staff at the Division of Humane Services have several special fall adoption offers, including:

  • Adoption fee of $ 10 for any animal that has stayed at the Pet Adoption Center for more than 30 days
  • Adoption fee of $ 30 for any dog ​​or cat over 4 months old
  • Adoption fee of $ 60 for puppies or kittens under 4 months old

“Animal shelters are traditionally more crowded this time of year, but the Pet Adoption Center is nearing capacity this fall,” said Katie Willis, director of the Humanitarian Services Division. “Dogs, cats and other pets are at their best when cared for by loving families in forever homes. We have these fall adoption specials to appeal to families who are looking for the perfect pet and are ready to open their homes and hearts to our amazing pets.

Adoption through the Pet Adoption Center offers great value. Adoption fees include a thorough health examination, initial vaccinations, a sterilization or sterilization service, a microchip, and a county rabies license – services that are not always included when adopting elsewhere . To see the animals available, visit or call 636-949-7387 to make an appointment to visit the facility.

Located across from St. Charles Community College, the Pet Adoption Center is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (with extended hours until 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays). For convenience, the refuge is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

Choosing the right pet for your family

“Connecting the right pet to the right family is the goal of the staff at the Pet Adoption Center,” notes Willis. “Through careful consideration, our staff will work with interested adopters to find the best animal for any situation. By making good matches between owners and their chosen pets, pets can make a smooth and successful transition to their new homes.

To help create the perfect match, the staff at the Pet Adoption Center encourage adopters to consider several important questions before refining their search, including:

  • What is your preferred age for the animal? Puppies or kittens need more time, patience, and exercise, while older pets can have established behaviors and routines.
  • Is breed important to you, and if so, which ones are desired? Adopters should recognize that different breeds of dogs and cats can have different personality traits, behavior, and physical needs.
  • What is your family situation and your living conditions for your home? Whether you live in a small apartment or have a fenced yard, this can help determine the right animal. And, some breeds do better with young children or other pets than others.
  • Do you prefer an active animal or a couch animal? Each pet has a different personality, but some animals and breeds are more adept at traveling for miles through the neighborhood, while others prefer to curl up in your lap.

Tips for welcoming a new dog or cat into the house

Bringing home a new pet is an important adjustment, both for the pet and its family. To ease the transition, consider:

  • Provide a small, quiet space where the dog or cat can be alone.
  • Organize fixed locations for food and water bowls – and litter for a cat – to develop a routine.
  • Remove potential dangers and areas of curiosity that could harm the cherished animal or family treasures.
  • Establish firm rules for the animal and family members.

Pets welcome for those who cannot adopt

For families who are unable to make a commitment to full-time pet ownership, the Division of Humane Services also runs a strong pet care program. Foster families take care of animals in a safe environment to prepare the animal for future adoption. In the quiet comfort of a private home, foster parents can socialize dogs or cats with other people or pets and provide behavioral cues that can be used to improve bonds with families interested in letting go. ‘adoption. The division helps foster families by providing food and care supplies, veterinary treatment and most medications as needed, as well as 24 hour support. an application to become a host family, visit or dial 636-949-7387.

To learn more about animal adoptions and the services provided by the St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center, visit or dial 636-949-7387.

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