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SLO County Pet Adoption: German Shepherd Dog Available

Animal shelters are windows into the essence of who we are as people.

Some people’s compassion extends beyond our human family to include love and kindness toward their animal companions.

At the other end of the spectrum are those whose commitment to their animals is largely limited to their desire to acquire a pet.

When Gator arrived at the San Luis Obispo County Animal Services shelter in February, he was severely underweight with a thinning coat and skin infections. Poor Gator was miserable.

Luckily, the shelter staff agreed to give him therapeutic baths and medication.

Still, it took Gator four months to recover from his horrific neglect.

Luckily, he is now healthy and ready for home life.

Gator is an approximately 7-year-old German Shepherd who believes in people being good, so he cheerfully greets visitors at the door of his kennel.

Once outside, Gator demonstrates his ease on a leash, his desire to be loved and his appreciation of abdominal caresses.

Having lived in the shelter for so long – with little exposure to the real world – Gator is ideal for a simple life as a single pet.

He needs an adopter who can give him the love and consistency he needs, so he knows he has a loving home for life.

Gator is a survivor looking for someone who understands that feeding the mind heals the heart.

For more information about Gator (ID number 276421), call the San Luis Obispo County Animal Services Shelter Volunteer Line at 805-781-4400 or visit The shelter is located at 885 Oklahoma Ave. off Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo.

Full price adoption fees are $81 for cats and $115 for dogs, plus a county license fee of $28 for dogs, if the adopters are San Luis Obispo County residents.

Adoption fees include a new collar, spaying or neutering surgery, basic vaccinations, microchipping, and eligibility for a free San Luis Obispo County veterinary checkup. Cats are also tested for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus, and adopters are given a carrier.

This story was originally published July 22, 2022 5:05 a.m.

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