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Rehoming The Family Pet Tips

Deciding to relocate the pet is a very serious and difficult decision to make. It’s even more difficult if your child is particularly close to the animal and you are the one who has to make the difficult call. Your child may also be confused or sad about why this has to happen or why the conversation is even happening in the first place. There are ways to make it easier for your child if they have a huge problem losing the family pet.

There’s a chance your child won’t be devastated if the family pet is rehomed and that’s fine too. We’ll give you some tips on placing your pet and if it’s really the best choice for your family. While most families have dogs or cats to rehouse, there are other animals that end up like rats, snakes, birds, reptiles, etc.

Rehoming a pet is highly judged

Rehoming a pet is often looked down upon, which can actually cause families to keep a pet longer than they should. Some may consider rehoming a pet akin to abandoning the animal and simply giving up. They consider it cruel and unnecessary and believe that any pet owner can solve all the problems to keep the animal in a familiar setting.

However, sometimes it is the best decision a family can make. If a family cannot care for a dog, cat, or other animal the way the animal deserves, the best thing to do is to take the animal to a trusted shelter where it can get the care he needs.

An animal is not happy in a home where it does not receive enough attention, food or medical care, or does not feel comfortable in family life. Rehoming a pet doesn’t make you a bad person at all. These are tough decisions that mothers sometimes have to make and break the news to their children.

If you need to relocate your pet, know that it is an incredibly difficult decision that will never be easy to make. The choice to actually do it comes from a good place and can come from a place of necessity. Maybe something happened that suddenly makes the pet a bad choice for a family, and they’d be better off somewhere else.

Reason to relocate a pet

There are many reasons why families consider rehoming their pets and here are just a few of them. puppies in traininga site dedicated to dogs and their proper education as puppies.

  • Housing issues – Families who rent may be unable to find a home that allows pets. Or may be forced to give up their pets by a landlord changing the lease.
  • Aggression-This can be towards any other person or animal. Sudden aggression can be scary and something to watch out for.
  • Sudden changes in schedule – The work schedule may change leaving the pet at home too long alone or unable to exercise.
  • Illness – a keeper may become ill and suddenly become unable to care for the animal and have no choice but to surrender.
  • Suddenly I can’t afford the care anymore – vet care is expensive and some owners give up because of the money.
  • Behavioral issues – this can include destruction of objects, social anxiety and aggression towards a certain family member.
  • Allergies – can come on suddenly or have been the cause of symptoms all along.

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Before actually adopting the pet

It is estimated by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals that nearly 8 million pets are housed in the United States each year. Before contacting this number, pet owners should take all necessary steps to try to resolve the issue that is occurring. Try enrolling an animal in training or giving it a more comfortable space.

A trip to the vet can also help, and they can provide suggestions for the specific problem you may have.. If these steps are taken and your child is old enough to understand, tell them. They deserve to know and can even share their opinions on the whole thing. It will also make the repatriation process easier if you decide to go this route.

Sometimes the choice to go home is unavoidable, which is when an incredibly sad decision has to be made. If your child is old enough to understand, consider keeping them informed of your thoughts. It shouldn’t come as a shock or surprise if the pet moves to a new home. Children are smart and will know if something is going on.

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