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Purrch’s pet-focused social app launches search function to help parents find easy answers

askPurrch provides pet owners with fast, veterinarian-backed answers.

Synchronized with Pet Poison Awareness Month, the robust search tool answers 1,000 — and growing — queries about common foods pets can and can’t eat.

Everything we do at purrch is meant to support the journey of pet parenting, so creating this robust and easy-to-use tool was a no-brainer for us.

— Vail Weymann, co-founder and CEO

DARIEN, CT, USA, March 24, 2022 / — Are dairy products a safe choice for cats? Why are grapes and avocados toxic to pets? Can dogs eat blackberries? These are the questions pet owners can now ask via the askPurrch research tool, located at By doing so, they will instantly receive prompt, veterinarian-backed answers.

The new launch coincides with Pet Poison Awareness Month, which highlights the importance of knowing which substances are toxic to pets and which can be consumed. Purrch has worked alongside board-certified veterinarians including Dr. Dorothy Jackson Girimonte of FidoCure, Dr. Joana Babo of Maven, Dr. Veronica Maldonado and licensed veterinarian Dr. Catherine Carchedi of DIG Labs.

Each has helped create simple, expert-backed answers to pet owners‘ questions about what foods or substances pets can safely eat. Since the launch of askPurrch, some of the most frequently asked questions from pet owners are:
– Can dogs eat strawberries?
Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter?
Can dogs eat apples?
– Can dogs eat blueberries?
– Can dogs eat bananas?

These are just a few of the foods pet parents can request on askPurrch. The robust tool offers around 1000 answers and this number is growing every day.

The truth about pet poisoning
Every year, millions of pets consume or come into contact with toxic substances ranging from chocolate to houseplants. These pet poisonings have increased dramatically during COVID as people have introduced new substances into their homes, such as baker’s yeast, paint, and vitamin D3.

Although the majority of pet poisonings are accidental, early intervention is essential so pets get the help they need so they can recover. A simple search through askPurrch provides parents with the quick answers they need, as well as sources they can contact to get immediate help for their pets.

“Everything we do at purrch is meant to support the pet parenting journey, so creating this robust, easy-to-use tool was a no-brainer for us,” says Vail Weymann, CEO and co-founder of purch. “We are delighted to have worked alongside reputable veterinarians to make our vision a reality, and have already received feedback from pet parents about how invaluable the tool is to them.”

Weymann adds that, from day one, purrch was built in collaboration with real pet parents. As such, the app takes a collaborative approach to everything they do and create. Share what kind of experiences would make your pet’s life better at [email protected]

About Purch
Purrch is the world’s first and only pet-focused app where pet parents can tackle everyday challenges together. From puppy training advice to caring for aging pets, purrch provides community and conversations for those navigating the ins, outs, ups and downs of pet parenting.

Building the ultimate community for pet owners means collaborating with others who are equally passionate about improving the pet parenting journey. We are proud of our partnerships with FidoCure, an innovative pet technology company whose mission is to eradicate canine cancer; Maven, the first AI+ human veterinarian; and DIG Labs, which provides accessible vision health care technology for healthier, happier pets. Interested in a partnership with us or want to know more? Visit to learn more.

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