Pet adoption

Purpose, discipline and consistency through the adoption of pets

I recently adopted a puppy.

I wasn’t planning on adopting a pet, but a member of my Rotary group mentioned that she was going to pick up an abandoned dog. As I went out with her after the meeting, I thanked her for her community service.

And that’s where my life changed.

She mentioned that a foster family was needed for this German Shepherd and Pointer mix. And before I knew what was coming out of my mouth, I had volunteered to greet the dog. Later that afternoon we met and Lucky quickly made my heart melt.

I knew it wouldn’t be a welcome situation. Lucky had found his home forever.

The last few weeks have been interesting.

I quickly began to see the world through his eyes.

It’s the first time he’s seen water spurting out of the shower.

The first time he sees the vacuum cleaner – Lucky is not a fan.

And when he discovered the pleasure of a squeaky toy, and even, very sadly, real dog food. He brought new and warm energy into the house.

But, it’s not all fun and games.

I regularly find my shoes scattered all over the garden with the soles chewed up.

To put it simply, Lucky reinforced the importance of the daily routine to me.

Routine, which is a strategy, is such an important part of our daily life to be successful. But a strategy can easily go off the rails throughout the day.

Is it easy to say “no, I’m not going to do this today”? I’m going to watch some TV first or skip this walk. Skipping steps can be quite easy.

But does skipping steps get you where you want to be at the end of the day, month, or year?

Not really.

Daily routine gives us purpose, it keeps us disciplined and consistent, even when we lack motivation. It’s our roadmap to keep us on the right track and on track to achieve our goals.

What is your daily routine? What are the essentials in your daily routine that keep you balanced, focused, and moving forward in life and in the office?

Kendra Clark is Community Columnist for the Stockton Record.

If you don’t have one, take the time to sketch out a routine, test it out, and adjust it until it’s right for you. Highlight or an asterisk next to must-haves and make them first every day.

Lucky is my built-in routine reminder, letting me know when we haven’t gone for his morning walk. When I forget or want to jump, that’s when I find my shoes scattered all over the garden

Kendra Clark is a Stockton-based business, marketing and organizational development strategist.

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