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Pet Adoption in SLO County: Foster Cats and Kittens Wanted

Every moment of a kitten’s life is about discovery, including whether humans are friends or foes.

For homeless kittens, foster families ensure that these little furballs have the opportunity to embrace the sweetness and security of being loved.

In return, foster families experience the daily joy of watching their feline charges grow from wobbly walkers to triumphant engineers successfully calculating their first big leap.

Young mother cat Linda and her six newborn kittens came to the San Luis Obispo County Animal Services shelter as strays. Due to Linda’s friendly nature, it was hoped that her owner would come soon, but eventually Linda and her babies became officially homeless.

Fortunately, a volunteer foster home welcomed this family of felines. Soon the kittens began to understand life at home – the sound of a vacuum cleaner, the presence of the friendly family dog, the pleasure of being held, the comings and goings of friendly people – all experiences that continue. to help them become confident and loving. pets.

Spring through fall is kitten season, and foster homes for kittens are sought by local rescue organizations and county animal services.

If you have a loving heart and space in your home, even a bathroom, consider fostering.

How to Become an Animal Foster in SLO County

Would you like to become a foster family for animals in need? These local groups are looking for help.

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San Luis Obispo


North County

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