Pet adoption

Pet adoption: Elli, sweet, calm and small

(PHOTO: Eli.) features dogs and cats that are up for adoption from Pet Rescue, a no-kill pet shelter in Harrison.

Status: Passed
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Female
Adult size: small (35 lbs and under)

Elli has made great progress in her foster home and is ready to be adopted into a forever home!

Sweet, calm and petite, this beautiful little girl loves looking out the window, chasing the foster family’s cat and snuggling up to it. She loves being around other cats and is ready to take on any cat that lets her.

She is very shy around people and will take some time for you to get closer. Her adoptive mother caresses her and she loves scratching her head and rubbing her chin. She sleeps on the bed with her adoptive mother and sits on the sofa very relaxed. She eats her “attempted” treats from the host family’s hand and follows her into the kitchen hoping she’ll take another treat. She looks directly at the host family when she talks to them as if she understands.

She always uses the litter box and loves her scratching post. She’ll sit on top like the princess she is!

If you would like to meet Elli, or one of Harrison’s Pet Rescue’s other dogs or cats, you can learn more about the adoption and fostering processes, email ([email protected]) or call (914) 835-3332. The shelter is located at 7 Harrison Avenue in Harrison. You can also volunteer at the shelter.

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