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Peoria leaders send warning to pet owners

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – City officials are issuing a warning to pet owners and raising awareness of stray animals, following a recent dog bite injury.

First District Councilwoman Denise Jackson said pet owners are responsible for the actions of the animals in their care.

Pet owners should be aware that animals are not allowed to run wild,” Jackson said.

She reminds the public that there are consequences to leaving dogs off leash.

“You can get in trouble because if your pet hurts someone or, as in my colleague’s case, kills another animal, usually the dog can be asleep,” Jackson said.

She said other repercussions may include citations from the city.

James Hinchee, president of the Uplands Residential Association, said someone was injured in his neighborhood recently when a cowardly pit bull bit a resident.

He said he heard reports of more stray and abandoned animals in the city.

“We’ve seen media reports of people picking up pets during the COVID-19 shutdown and well, two years later, maybe they’re a little more disenchanted with those pets,” Hinchee said.

Jackson said if you see an animal on the loose, say something.

“Pay attention to what type of dog it is and immediately call PAWS or the Peoria Humane Society. They are very good at responding to this,” Jackson said.

She also said it is up to the community to work together to keep others and pets safe.

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