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Niantic’s new pet simulation game Peridot lets you bring a cute species back to life

With the release of Pokemon GO, Niantic has managed to create a global phenomenon that is still pushing record sums from the developer’s coffers, even nearly six years after its release. At the same time, this success has created a situation in which no one likes to be; attempts to repeat this triumph are virtually doomed from the start. Fortunately for all walking enthusiasts who like to play while walking, this scenario does not discourage anyone at Niantic from embarking on new adventures.

Contrary to Pokemon GO or Pikmin Flowerthe Californians’ latest product is not based on someone else’s intellectual property, but on their own creation. Peridot is a pet simulation – think classic Tamagotchi, for example – and an ecology lesson at the same time. Peridots are a nearly extinct species whose appearance reminds us of cats, dragons, dinosaurs and any pet you can think of, with an emphasis on the cuddly factor.

It will be your job to nurture, breed, and release peridots into the wild to make species diversity sustainable again. Diversity is a good keyword: each peridot is unique and has its own DNA structure, which determines the creature’s appearance and personality. Thanks to selective breeding, it is possible for you to create a perfect peridot according to your preferences – and unlike Crusader Kings IIIyou don’t have to be wary of too many incestuous couples resulting in premature deaths. Peridot is not only meant to be a game for all ages, but to appeal to casual gamers even more than Pokemon GO Is.

As a result, there’s no punishment mechanic in the game – your Peridot will never starve, and you won’t have to clean up feces. The frequency and skill with which you respond to the creature’s wishes only affects how quickly it reaches adulthood. For the average user, this should take around three days, according to Niantic. Peridots need food, want to play with you and discover new places. It wouldn’t be a Niantic game if you didn’t have to walk, would it?

Peridot is supposed to be less dependent on points of interest, i.e. fixed locations like Gyms and PokéStops in Pokemon GO. This is very good news for all users in rural areas with fewer landmarks. You only need to visit fixed locations when your peridot has grown and you want to start reproducing. You do this by selecting a mate at a point of interest as well as a suitable nest – both factors determine which genes will be passed on to the offspring and therefore what visual and behavioral aspects they carry. Although there are Peridots NPCs in these places, in the rest of the game you will mainly use the creatures released by other users for mating.

Contrary to Pokemon GO, Peridot is not a collectible game. Once you’ve raised a Peridot to adulthood and let it mate, you’ll have to say goodbye to it – you’ll select one of the three eggs created during breeding and continue playing with it. this peridot, helping it grow and mate. This is the intended gameplay loop. A whistle will allow you to briefly recall your previous peridots released after mating, so you can play with them a bit.

Niantic, as usual, uses augmented reality technology to seamlessly integrate peridots into the real environment displayed on your screen, but there have been a few upgrades since then. Pokemon GO Release. For example, the game now recognizes the surface you are on, such as sand, grass, or water. Each type of soil provides your peridot with a different type of food, so you’ll need to go to different places to find the right plants or berries your pet needs. The weather effects are currently still being worked on – what happens when snow covers everything is still unclear.

The players of Pokemon GO will find the rest familiar: there are daily quests and streaks for completing them, and Niantic also plans to hold common events like Community Days. The free-to-play smartphone title will also feature in-app purchases, including items to help grow your creatures faster or improve the chances of getting the breeding outcome you want. The developer hasn’t set a global launch date yet, but early markets should be rolling out with test builds as early as next week, so keep an eye out.

Written by Marco Wutz on behalf of GL HF.

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