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Mochi, butters ready for animal lovers to offer forever homes


Beta Butters

Special for the star

Beta XYZ Butters

Raising: Cattle Dog/Boxer Mix

Age: 1 year, 2 months

Some of his likes include other dogs, playtime, his loyal hooman companions, bones (chew types), and being super handsome. Some of his dislikes include small children, untrustworthy scalawags, and when people touch his things…sometimes. So basically what we’re saying is he’s a pirate dog.


Raising: Domestic short hair

Age: 7

Get ready to fall in love with Mochi. Much like the Japanese rice cake that bears its name, it is sweet and loved by many. Mochi likes the quiet life. He enjoys his penthouse apartment in our cat adoption area where he can crawl under blankets and beds and sleep all day. But he also loves to receive pets, and especially to be brushed. He’s just more of the strong, quiet type. His ideal home would be someone who accepts that he is independent, but will come out on his own and crave attention when he is ready.

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