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Minneapolis Pet Adoption Fee Removed For “Clear the Shelter”

Luna, Maximillion and Chico Jackson, awaiting adoption at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control.

Minneapolis Animal Care and Control’s “Clear the Shelter” event returns this year after taking a pandemic hiatus in 2020. During the two-day event, the city will waive adoption fees to help dogs to find their home forever.

Minneapolis Animal Care and Control currently has more than a dozen dogs, some of whom have been at the shelter for six months.

Minneapolis announced Tuesday night that all the dogs for the day have been adopted. But, there will be more adoption searches on Wednesday!

When: Tuesday October 12 and Wednesday October 13, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Or: Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, 212 17th Ave. N., Minneapolis

Details: Adoptions are first come, first served in line order. All documents must be started no later than 7:30 p.m.

The 2019 adoption campaign was incredibly successful, leading the city to announce, “The refuge is clear! Dozens of dogs, cats and small creatures have found new homes today.”

Animal adoptions are slowing down

Around the same time last year, pet rescues couldn’t keep up with the influx of adoption requests. Now they have the reverse problem in their hands.

Ruff Start Rescue says they’ve been inundated with animals in need of loving homes, and they’re seeing fewer people looking to add pets to the family. Donnie, a 12 week old puppy, and more are up for adoption, and many shelters and rescues are in overload mode.

It’s not just not enough families adopting; the number of orphan dogs is on the rise. The devastating weather has flooded many shelters in the south, and Minnesota is used to helping. In addition, locally, puppy populations have exploded in high risk areas such as reserves.

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