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Local shelter partners with Petco Love to encourage pet placement – The Suburban Times

Submitted by Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County.

The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County is partnering with national nonprofit organization Petco Love and Skechers with its philanthropic collection of Skechers BOBS shoes, to emphasize the fun of fostering pets. Pet placement is vital and essential for animal shelters, especially during the busy summer season.

“Ending preventable euthanasia of shelter pets is possible today,” said Susanne Kogut, president of Petco Love. “The data tells us that if we could encourage 2% more of the 85 million plus households with pets to adopt just one pet a year, we could eliminate avoidable euthanasia and save the lives of the 800,000 shelter animals at risk. to be euthanized in the United States. annually.”

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But homestay can also be a lot of fun.

Throughout June, Petco Love will be working with its network of partners nationwide to share the fun aspects of fostering while helping pet parents through their goodbyes. In fact, saying goodbye to pets — and the fear that they’ll have a hard time giving the animal to a new family — is one of the most cited reasons why pet parents don’t adopt.

Petco Love is taking a humorous approach to saying goodbye to pets by hosting a #MyFosterBreakUp story contest with Foster Breakup Kits giveaways and a curated playlist to help foster parents through their goodbyes.

Kits include break-up essentials: cozy and festive BOBS socks from Skechers, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Kleenex, the official Petco Love Foster Breakup Spotify playlist and a welcome t-shirt that reminds you that “Pets are here to have fun. Time, not long. Foster parents can enter to win by sharing their pet’s breakup letter on Instagram using the hashtag #MyFosterBreakUp from June 1-30 and even win $10,000 in vital funds for the organization they are fostering. parents.

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The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County will also join shelters nationwide for the National Foster Pet Open House event by inviting the public to visit the shelter located at 2608 Center Street on Monday, June 27 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. h 00 for an interactive party meeting with host families.

During the event, those interested in fostering will hear from some of the shelter’s experienced fostering heroes and learn about the animals in need of a temporary place to stay. Plus, Open House guests will be able to take home some awesome Homestay Loot courtesy of Petco Love.

“As a rare open-admission shelter, we care for more animals than any other shelter in Washington State,” said Ashley Taulbee, director of development and marketing. “That means we still have animals that need foster families. Our adoptive parents provide much-needed space for pets who need a break from shelter and they help free up kennel space for more pets who have nowhere to go.

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Establishing June as National Pet Foster Month to increase fostering participation is just one of Petco Love’s lifesaving actions in its 23-year history. pet-help story, with $330 million invested in rescue efforts and 6.5 million pets adopted – and counting. Skechers has donated more than $8 million to help more than 1.5 million pets in shelters, including saving 1.1 million rescued pets in the United States and Canada.

The nonprofit also recently launched a new national database, Petco Love Lost, which uses pet facial recognition technology to help reunite missing pets with their families.

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