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Local pet store opposes Illinois animal welfare bill

If passed, the bill will prohibit pet stores from using breeders for their animals.

MOLINE, Illinois – The Illinois legislature passed four bills earlier this week, all aimed at increasing animal welfare in the state.

According to Best Friends Animal Society, the bills “… will ban the sale of pets at retail, help end dog breed discrimination by insurance companies, and make public housing more inclusive for animals.” pets, and will increase sterilization options for dogs and cats in shelters across the state ”.

But, Teske Pet & Garden vice president Vicki Grudzinski said the invoices were at a disadvantage for customers.

“What this does is one more example of the state hampering the right of consumers to choose. Some people don’t want to save a dog that’s already half the age of half,” Grudzinski said, “they want to a young puppy to train him, and raise him however they want. “

Teske Pet & Garden receives most of its animals through breeders, but says they visit breeders to check on living conditions.

“We refused to buy from someone we honestly sold their dogs and they were decent dogs. But just because of the way dogs lived. [ we stopped], “

Some of the kittens in the store are from outside sources such as community members with pregnant cats.

“We washed them, took them to the vet, got rid of fleas and ear mites, and vaccinated so many kittens you wouldn’t even believe,” Grudzinski said.

If the bills are passed, Grudzinski said the store would be forced to stop all animal sales.

“If you want to have the right to choose to buy a puppy or a kitten, call the governor, respectfully politely, or email him and ask him to veto this bill, and get advice from other pet store owners, and perhaps breeders, on how to really take care and care for animals. “

On the flip side, shelters like Happy Tails in Rock Falls believe these bills were long in coming: saying they are now able to work with pet stores to get more animals adopted.

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