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KDUZ Pet Patrol – 7/29

Each week we’ll introduce you to some of the most adorable and adoptable pets available at our partner shelters. Minnesota Heartland Animal Shelter, Tri-County Humane Society, MN Pet Haven, Hawk Creek Animal Sanctuary, Underdog Rescue, MN, Midwest Animal Rescue & Services and Ruff Start Rescue. Join us on Fridays as we bring them to you on Classic Hits KDUZ.

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Heart of Minnesota Animal Center padme

Hi! I am Padme…

Isn’t life great? All the smells… oh man, it makes my tail wag… I can’t help it! I like to explore. I also like hanging out with people and licking their faces (I think you call that kisses?). Anyway, I’ll be five in September and I hope to find a new family by then to help me celebrate! Banana cake with peanut butter topping would be delicious, don’t worry, I like to share. And I’ll thank you with more licky kisses!

I have been told that I am a beagle/springer spaniel mix. Whatever that means…I just know that I’m fabulously freckled and fun. When can you come play? For more information contact the shelter by click here.

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Ruff Start Dog & Cat Rescue – take

Hello, my name is Prissi, a female German Shepherd who shows up for duty as my #1 friend, cuddle friend and bodyguard. I’m a classic German Shepherd, and while I still have to grow in my paws, I’m ready to sign up as your forever partner in crime.

I’m a pretty laid back girl, but maybe a bit shy around new people and new places. I’m still young and haven’t had a stable start in life. With a little time, your help and a loving home, I can continue to build my confidence! If your hug quota suddenly feels a little less than adequate, send an application to my host family and make this thing official forever! For more information about Prissi and how to adopt, visit

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Hawk Creek Animal Sanctuary – Ricky

I am a tall and responsible cat, and my name is Ricky. I’m a sweet 8 year old overweight boy who just likes to laze around. Don’t get me wrong, I can jump when I need to. I appreciate a good scratch and attention from people. Toys are weird and they don’t really interest me right now. I have a bit of arthritis and I walk a little differently, so I’m on medication for that. I came in front declawed so I should stay inside. If you’re looking for a roommate who just eats, sleeps and gives you attention every day, sign me up! For more information Ricky, please Click here.

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Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARCH) – Holt

Hello, my name is Holt. I have lived with several other dogs before and would do best with at least one canine companion in his new home and a fenced yard.

I like the warmer weather and spending more time in my garden with others! I love my adoptive father very much now even though I was afraid of him at first. I get really horny when he comes home from work and my cock goes wild! He takes me for walks and places where dogs are allowed like Petco and Petsmart and the hardware store. I still get nervous in public, but I practice more and more. I love driving! I bark at strange noises, I might not like shared walls until I get used to it.

Click here! to apply today!

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Tri-County Animal Shelter – marshal

Marshall is called, and kissing is his game!

This almost 2-year-old Am Staff Terrier mix is ​​a flirt, but can still be shy and would benefit from more socialization with other animals and people. He is, however, very caring driven, which will help ongoing training efforts! Marshall is kennel trained and will sit by the door to alert you when he needs to come out. Marshall seems to have a prey drive, so a home without cats or other small animals would be best!

To find out more about this lovely duo, or to offer them their new home, Click here.

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mew mew

Underdog Pet Rescue of MN – mew mew

Hi! I am Mewmew! My adoptive mom says I’m the nicest, coolest girl she’s ever met – and she’s raised a lot of dogs, I’m told, so that means a lot. My favorite hobbies are chewing bones and cuddling with my people. I also love walks and I’m great on a leash, but sometimes I don’t realize how strong I am – adoptive mom and I are working on that because she told me not everyone likes it be fired. What can I say, I see some interesting stuff and want to check it out! I LOVE sweets and take them from your hand so gently.

I would really love to do a basic obedience class with you because I’ve been told you’ll find lots of treats there AND I can learn new things – sounds like a win, win! I like to play with the other dogs in my foster family and walk around the yard smelling all the smells. I have a fence and another dog here, but I don’t need it in my forever home, but it sure would be fun. Honestly, I just can’t wait to get mine back and would love just about any home you can provide for me! I’m clean and I’m the best girl in my cage at night. If you are looking, learn more in click here

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Minnesota’s Pet Haven – Carson and Callie

Carson and Callie

Carson and Callie

Carson and Callie are a 9 month old brother and sister looking for a forever home together!

Carson (dark orange, male) is very curious and watchful. He likes to fight with other cats, chase balls with bells and look out the window. Callie (light orange/buff, female) is very sweet and gentle. She likes to lay by the window to take a nap and sit next to her human for pets. Her favorite toys are the ones she can spin the ball around in a circle with, and she likes chasing the laser.

Carson’s favorite activities are exploring, gazing, and looking out the window. Callie’s hobbies are napping, looking out the window, and cuddling. They form a very discreet pair. They don’t need a lot of attention and will let you know when they want pets and cuddles. They love to play but both are good at entertaining themselves. They currently live with their adoptive mother and 2 adult sons, 2 resident cats, 1 resident dog and 1 foster cat.

The ideal home for Carson and Callie is one that understands shy cats and their need for distance and time to accept you on their terms. They take a little time to convince themselves, but once you do, they’ll be your friends for life!

Please Click here and fill haven for petsadoption request.

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