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Helping At-Risk Youth, Shelter Dogs Become Better With Teacher’s Pet – CW50 Detroit

Southfield (CW50) – Within Oakland and Macomb County, Teacher’s Pet’s mission is to help at-risk youth in our community and difficult-to-adopt shelter dogs become better together.

The program pairs at-risk youth with shelter dogs to help dogs develop better behavioral, communication and training skills. On the other hand, dogs help these youngsters build relationships, give them purpose, teach them to care for something, and instill invaluable character traits that can enable them to lead very influential and successful lives.

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The program consists of various workshops lasting several weeks.

During these workshops, the young people:

  • Participate in positive and reward-based dog training

  • Help change dog behavior

  • Increase the chances of dog adoption

  • Ensuring that dogs can stay in their homes at all times

  • Improve their impulse control and patience

  • Meet twice a week (for two hours each time) at various schools and juvenile institutions in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties

To help fund this program, Teacher’s Pet is hosting special events. This year’s Havanese Nights event, hosted by CW50 Chief Meteorologist Karen Carter, will take place on November 5 at the Treasury in Pontiac.

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The event features a variety of activities, including auction, casino, crafts, market, and food and drink.

This is a paid event, and prices can be viewed at

Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Teacher’s Pet Director Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson, Director of Teacher’s Pet, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about the organization’s youth / shelter dog program and their upcoming Havanese Nights event on November 5th.

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To concern Community connection, Saturday at 7 a.m. on CW50

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