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“Empty the Shelters” Event Will Reduce Pet Adoption Fees at 6 Shelters in Louisiana


Today on Considered Louisiana: Find out when and where you can adopt a pet at the next “Empty the Shelters” event. We also hear about the race to take over State Senator Karen Carter Peterson’s former seat, and revisit a conversation about Southern Jewish history. This episode of Louisiana Considered originally aired Monday, September 26, 2022. To listen to the full episode, click the “play” button above.

Pet adoption fees will be reduced at six animal shelters in Louisiana during the first week of October as part of the BISSELL Pet Foundation national event “Empty the shelters”. BISSELL Marketing Specialist Brittany Schlacter and Director of Operations for the Northshore Humane Society, Alex Coogan, tells us more about the importance of animal rescue and adoption.

But first, we discuss the upcoming elections. All eyes will be on the Congressional midterm elections this fall. But reports indicate that State Senator Karen Carter Peterson’s abrupt departure from the legislature will hold an intriguing special election this fall that will pit two well-known progressive politicians against each other – Mandie Landry and Royce Duplessis – One against the other. Capitol Access Reporter Paul Brown gives us a glimpse of this upcoming election.

Sunday sunset marked the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. As people of the Jewish faith gather for services or simply to reflect on the past year, we wanted to return to a discussion of the deep and vibrant Jewish history of the South.

In June, Louisiana was considered an executive producer Alana Schreiber speak with Kenneth Hoffman, executive director of the Southern Jewish Experience Museum, just before their grand opening celebration. Today, we’re giving that conversation a second listen.

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