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Doom Mod allows players to pet and befriend the Cacodemon

Since 1993, Loss was a key component in helping to shape the FPS genre, with the name still carrying weight nearly three decades later. Whereas Conviction 4 was eventually cancelled, what the world got instead was the 2016 reboot of the same name and Eternal will be released in 2020, showing the world that the franchise is alive and well. One of the staples of the series is its fast-paced action and bloody violence, but some might like less aggressive game mechanics.


That’s what a modder managed to do, at least. On ModDB, as spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun, a user going through Wine_Toilet downloaded an add-on simply called “FRENDOCACO”. This mod basically allows you to Loss players to befriend one of the game’s demons, the Cacodemon. One tweet even shows a brief snippet of it in action in which the Doomslayer pets one of them, prompting a bunch of hearts to float around the enemy. The Cacodemon then turns to attacking imps and begins to retaliate against them, and the former enemy essentially transforms into a companion.

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These floating red creatures might not be the world’s most gruesome enemies. Loss universe, but they are almost certainly one of the most recognizable. With their giant eye and that familiar hiss when in close proximity, they’re roughly on par with Imps, Arachnotrons, and Revenants in notoriety. They’re also one of the most annoying, with flying skulls in Lost Soul, the latter installments giving them the ability to quickly dodge attacks.

As one of the most influential FPS games of all time, Loss has a roster of iconic enemies to match its fast-paced violence. Most people probably wouldn’t think of the series as one that can actually encourage players to bond with the hell spawn that’s out to kill them. Still, “FRENDOCACO” shows that after all this time, there are people who come up with multiple ways to modify and play this classic.

Not to mention the large number of devices that can run the game. It is even possible to play Loss in Loss itself, which is an amazing modding feat. In fact, it’s probably the modding community that’s largely responsible for the original builds still being in the spotlight of the game. Of course, rebooting and Eternal destiny prove that the formula can be used successfully in this era of game development, and it’s good to see the franchise continuing after all these years.

Loss was released in December 1993 for multiple platforms and has been ported to many systems over the years.

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Source: Rock Paper Shotgun, ModDB

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