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Cornwall pet store wins 2021 award

A Cornish pet store that received the ‘UK Retailer of the Year 2021’ award at a recent ceremony explained how it makes their store unique in these difficult times.

The Hayle-based Natural Cornish Pet Shop, owned by Katy Peck and Jordan Coombes, was recently named “UK Pet Retailer of The Year 2021” at the PetQuip Awards after having to adapt its business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Katy and Jordan founded the shop in 2014, alongside their other business, Doggy Day Care Cornwall, and talked about how their daycare business has helped the pet store grow.

Katy said: “We started taking care of the dogs in our dog daycare.

“We looked after up to 80 dogs per day and, through the relationships we established, we worked closely with owners to help support their dog’s digestion.

Katy says she saw with her own eyes that those who followed a natural diet had a better digestive system and well-being, which led her to discover products they wanted to share with others.

Katy continued: “Being so far away in Cornwall it is difficult for people to learn about new trends and have access to the latest news.

“Therefore, we started to create a portfolio of products that have been tried, tested and approved.

“For me, the bottom line is that natural doesn’t mean more expensive.

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“Our ethic is to offer simple, direct and transparent products.

“We want to make natural food the norm. Every day we see how much it improves the lives of dogs; therefore, we want to build our community and spread the word.

“It’s a daily occurrence for us that people visit the store from across the country letting us know that they were visiting Cornwall and wanted to visit the store.

“As a result, we want to be the center of excellence.”

Support from the local community

“Cornwall wouldn’t function without tourism: however, in March 2020 we realized we had to stay open and we were relieved to be able to help so many people in our local community. ”

Most of Katy’s core members are paramedics, nurses, and teachers, so they played a vital role in taking care of their puppies while they worked hard.

Katy said: “The store has become more crowded so we have set up an online click and collect service.

“This has seen online sales increase, particularly due to the shortages on Main Street.”

“People should be an active part of their community and support their local retailers.

“Once you support them, you join this community and start to understand and learn more.”

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