Pampered Pooch Extras

Add a Pampered Pooch Extra to Your Grooming Service dogs in robes

Oxy-Med Shampoo

  • Aids in the topical treatment of itching, seborrhea and other conditions, such as flaky skin.
  • Massaged in coat for 10 minutes followed by a medicated cool rinse.
  • We will apply our 100% Aloe Cream to any sports we see.

Flea & Tick Protocol

  • Immediately upon arrival, a Capstar is given to your pet.  This safe chew will kill existing fleas on your pet after 20 minutes.
  • Flea shampoo is applied starting at the head, then working through body for 10 minutes, killing any eggs or larvae still on your pet.
  • Ticks, if present, are individually removed with our tick removal tools.

dog being washed Blueberry Facial

  • Our most popular treatment, a mild facial cleanser infused with vanilla and blueberry removes dirt and tear stains over a course of treatments.

Teeth Brushing

  • Teeth are brushed with toothpaste specially formulated for dogs. dog teeth brushed
  • Followed by a breath spray or gel treatment.

Paw & Pad Restoration

  • Restores smoothness for worn paws and pads.
  • Soothing combination of oatmeal and essential vitamins restores and renews cracked, dry pads leaving your pet’s paws rejuvenated.


  • Nails clipped and filed.  Polish is applied.  Numerous colors to choose from!

nail painting

Chihuaua With Sponge shi tzu in bubbles



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