K-9 Massage

Who Doesn’t Like A Massage???

Dog Massage A Paw Above Pet Salon & Doggie Spa now offers Canine Massage services for your pet.  Whether your dog is older with stiff joints and arthritis or a young pup, our massage services will have your favorite furry buddy barking with pleasure.  Our certified massage therapist, Shirley, will pamper your pooch with the latest treatments in joint massage and facial and head massage making him or her feel “woofing” great!

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There are numerous benefits to massage for humans, and those benefits also exist for our canine companions. Massaging helps to open blood vessels and improve blood circulation, maintaining your pet’s well-being and expediting recovery from injuries or surgery. Techniques can be used to reduce stress on a nervous dog or one that is anxious at times, and spending time touching your companion helps to strengthen the human-animal bond. Massage may also help to discover potential abnormalities in your dog that may need the attention of your veterinarian, potentially saving your dog’s life.

We are not responsible for any dogs who refuse to leave!

Facial Massage—10     Minutes—$10

Full Body Massage—30 Minutes—$20

Full Body Massage—60 Minutes—$40





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