A properly groomed pet is a happy and healthy pet.  Nobody understands that better than A Paw Above Pet Salon & Doggie Spa. Dog Being Shaved-1

Whether your dog is a pedigree or the neighborhood stray that you fell in love with, A Paw Above Pet Salon & Doggie Spa offers a full-line of grooming procedures from a simple bath and brush, full groom to luxurious spa treatments.

Complete Grooming Service Includes

  • Nails are trimmed and filed.
  • Foot pads cleaned and clipped of excess hair, dirt and mats.
  • Ears are cleaned and deodorized.
  • Coat brushed out and mats gently removed.
  • Yorkie Being Scissored-1 A bubbly hydro-massage bath with one of our luxury vitamin and aloe-enriched shampoos specifically selected for your
  • dog’s individual coat needs.
  • Conditioner that contains natural botanical extracts to improve manageability, sheen and texture.
  • Fluff dried by hand.
  • Hair trimmed and styled by a qualified groomer.
  • Bows or bandanas added.
  • Luxury fragrance applied to leave your pooch smelling fresh for several days.

Bath ‘N Brush Service Includes

  • All items listed under complete grooming except for hair trimming and styling.

dog in tub 2 cute doggies in mini-tub yellow lab in tub puppy in tub

  dogs in tub

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