cat being brushed

Your feline will look (and feel!) like the cat’s meow after a good grooming session.  By nature, cats are extremely fastidious.

You’ve no doubt watched your kitty washing him or herself several times a day.  However, cats can still benefit from a professional grooming session.

Why your cat needs groomed…It is well known that cats do not like water but they do require grooming.

Most pet owners think since cats groom themselves they do not need to be groomed. Cats groom themselves to keep their bodies cool and to remove dirt and debris. Cats develop hair balls in response to all that self-grooming.

brushing cat

Regular grooming of cats can reduce shedding, the ingestion of hair and matting.

Long-haired cats can get severely matted if they are not brushed regularly. Hair that is dirty is more likely to develop mats. If a cat has a lot of matting, bathing can worsen the knots if not first removed. This is because once wet, knots tighten as they dry, making them pull on the skin and becoming more uncomfortable. Knots and mats should be removed before bathing using a clipper, not scissors.

A cats’ skin is much thinner than human or canine skin. In fact it is so thin that if accidentally cut with the clipper blade it can tear like tissue paper. Using a clipper on a cat is best left to a professional.

Does your cat scratch furniture in your house? Have you seen your cat outdoors scratching on a tree trunk? Maybe you have a scratching post and you are lucky enough to have a cat that uses it. Cats display this behavior to sharpen their claws, and they do get sharp. Better to catch a mouse if your claws are sharp! Claws should be trimmed as often as dog nails to shorten them and reduce sharpness.

cat in towel


Cats have special needs when it comes to grooming. At A Paw Above Pet Salon, we have a special area for cat grooming that is away from our canine clients so your kitty will be less stressed.


In short, a clean cat has a healthier coat, less hairballs and a happy owner.

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We have already mentioned how hard it may be to choose the right service.